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We give you, the hilarious, PHILIP JACKSON!!!

22 June 2015 Voices & Campaigns News

We are very happy to announce that the lovely PHILIP JACKSON has joined the books here at CVGG.

Philip has been a stalwart of stage and screen for decades, having had iconic roles in everything from ROBIN HOOD to the evil nemesis in A HA's groundbreaking music video for "TAKE ON ME".

More recently Philip has been turning his eyes to comedy, with a string of fantastic performances as ALAN in BOOMERS opposite Alison Steadman and his side splitting portrayal of GRAMPY in Caitlin Moran's semi-biopic RAISED BY WOLVES, opposite another of our wonderful clients HELEN MONKS.

With both of these booked in for a second series later in the year, now is the perfect time to catch Philip's Earthy Northern Tone for upcoming Commercials and Documentaries.

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