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6 January 2020 Acting News Anastasia Hille Clare Higgins Clive Wood Emma Cunniffe Jemma Redgrave Richard Lintern Sian Reese-Williams

A body in the concrete pillar of a car park.  A downed plane.  Scientific research gone wrong.  The cases that end up at the Lyell Centre are rarely straightforward.  Initial suspicions are challenged as the evidence mounts, and the SILENT WITNESS team must work harder than ever to find the truth.

The new season also see the Lyell Centre encounter an extremely potent nerve agent - in a storyline with ecoes of the real-life 2018 Novichok poisonings in Salisbury.  This could mean danger for Dr. Chamberlain and his colleagues.

This season also features CvGG clients: Emma Cunniffe, Clare Higgins, Anastasia Hille, Jemma Redgrave, Sian Reese-Williams, and Clive Wood.


SILENT WITNESS returns from Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th January 2020 at 9pm on BBC One.

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