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10 July 2018 Acting | Voice & Campaigns News Maureen Beattie

Huge congratualtions to the wonderful Maureen Beattie on becoming only the 2nd female President in Equity's history.

Maureen, who recently starred in Yerma on Broadway, was appointed president ahead of the official union elections, after the position was uncontested. 

She replaces Malcolm Sinclair, who has held the post for the past eight years and described the role as a "massive job"

“I have seen exactly how much there is to be achieved on an ongoing basis and the fights we have to fight. I have watched Malcolm Sinclair with awe. He has done a brilliant job and has changed Equity beyond recognition. I want to get the job right and do it well,” 

Maureen said she would like to focus on ensuring actors have equal opportunities for work, highlighting the campaign group ERA 50:50, which is striving to ensure women have equal representation on stage and screen.

She also emphasised the work to be done ensuring deaf and disabled actors are represented on UK stages.


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