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JOANNA LUMLEY AND WILL.I.AM make the prefect couple.....

26 March 2014 Voices & Campaigns News

That's right, we've had Bonnie and Clyde, Sid and Nancy, Torvill and Dean, but now its time for the next super duo to sweep the nation, as JOANNA LUMLEY meets WILL.I.AM.

On Friday night at 10.35 on BBC1, the nations sweetheart, and CVGG Voices goddess JOANNA LUMLEY travels to LA to meet super producer and social entrepreneur WILL.I.AM.

"Joanna learns how the boy who could not keep still made it out of his tough neighbourhood to achieve global success, and is now able to count President Obama as a friend. She gets to discover the real will.i.am, fascinated with creating the future and eager to give back. She is swept up in his hectic world but finally manages to get to the heart of what makes him tick."

And if you can't wait till friday for this televisual feast, here's a sneak peak:


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