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HERMIONE NORRIS stars in BBC's harrowing new drama THE CRIMSON FIELD

9 April 2014 Voices & Campaigns News

Sunday saw the first in the new series THE CRIMSON FIELD starring CVGG Voices icon HERMIONE NORRIS in the role of MATRON GRACE CARTER.

"Grace is determined to prove her worth as the new Matron, and while she may seem petty and pointlessly exacting, we will come to understand why her obsession with the rules matters both personally and professionally."

Episode One became the most watched show on sunday night with 6.1 million of you tuning in to watch, thats 26.1% of the UK TV audience.

So don't miss EPISODE 2, SUNDAY at 9PM on BBC1, and if you missed the first one, possibly "nursing" a hangover................then catch up here:


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