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10 May 2019 Acting News Frances Grey

Channel 5 continues its commitment to original scripted drama with 15 DAYS, a tense four-part thriller that turns the traditional investigative narrative inside out with its unconventional format.

A grown up family is brought back home for their mother's funeral and to discover which of them is the main beneficiary in her will.  The question of which sibling will inherit the family farm becomes an unhealthy pre-occupation, with disastrous consequences.

We will witness a brutal murder, before rewinding fifteen days earlier to embark on a nail-biting countdown to find out why, how and who is responsible.  Dysfunction is at this family's core - old wounds rise to the surface and new revelations make everyone a possible culprit as we delve into a twisted world to learn the truth.

FRANCES GREY plays Moira, the girlfriend of the eldest sibling and an outsider to the family politics.  Seemingly a lamb to the slaughter, will she ultimately get what she wants...


15 DAYS will air over four consecutive nights next week: Monday 13th May - Thursday 16th May on C5 at 9pm.

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